Gegen den Rechtsruck in Staat und Gesellschaft. Demonstration, 23.03.19, Frankfurt am Main

Solidarity against the shift to the right in state and society!
Our solidarity against the authoritarian formation of state and society!

For Seda Başay-Yıldız, lawyer the relatives of Enver Şimşek – murdered by the NSU – racist threats are not unusual. However, in December, she made public that she and her family were threatened by a National Socialist network within the Frankfurt police. Meanwhile, she received the fourth letter signed with “NSU 2.0” and internal information of the police department is used repeatedly. Seda is threatened for racist motives. Victims of racist violence have our solidarity!

The emergence of far-right cells within the state apparatus is not an isolated case. Within the Saxon Police Special Force (SEK), two officers codenamed themselves „Böhnhardt“ (member of the NSU), in Berlin cops have send threatening letters to left-wing initiatives, and Bundeswehr soldier Franco A. hoarded war weapons and prepared a terrorist attack. The official veteran network of elite soldiers „Uniter“ is apparently planning the liquidation of leftist politicians and preparing a fascist coup. In Uniter, elite soldiers, members of other special police units, veterans and secret service agents are. It is our duty to point out the structural anchoring of racism in police routines and to blame the machinations of state actors publicly, where it currently receives only little attention. We can´t rely on the German state for the reconnaissance of right-wing terrorist networks in the state apparatus!

The authoritarian formation is also reflected in the expansion of the competences of the executive apparatus. After the self-announcement of the existence of the NSU and the disclosure of the involvement of German Secret Service (Verfassungsschutz), the Verfassungsschutz was not put under democratic control or even dissolved, but its compentences were expanded. New police laws in Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia or Hesse extend the competences of the executive bodies with less control. They break with constitutional standards, repress social movements and endanger democratic protest. The organizational base of the authoritarian formation is the AfD, which in meanwhile all German state parliaments exert their influence on apparatuses such as the police, military and judiciary. It is part of an increasing authoritarian formation which can be witnessed globally. We are all endangered!

On 23rd March we will take the streets in solidarity with all people affected by racist violence!

We protest against the authoritarian formation of state and society!

We will not leave the reconnaissance to those who threaten our friends!

Let´s bring an action against NSU 2.0!